Services Available

We see children from 2 years of age on up through the generations from both the Ontario and Quebec sides of the river. We offer services in both official languages.

We charge for the services you receive in the same way that physiotherapists and chiropractors do. We are health care providers, not retailers. We are equally involved in your care whether you need a hearing aid or not. Our aim is to work with you to improve your hearing and communication needs.

To do that we provide:

  • Diagnostic hearing assessments
  • Counselling on communication strategies and management
  • Tinnitus assessment and management strategies
  • Hearing aid and assistive device consultations *
  • Hearing aid programming, verification, and validation
  • In-house and manufacturer repair services
  • Custom hearing protection for musicians, hunters, workers, and swimmers
  • Visits to several local seniors’ residences
  • Habilitation classes and open houses

Come in and have a conversations with us — and see if we can’t put a smile on your face!

* Heritage Hearing Care is independently owned and operated. We offer devices from more than 10 manufacturers and are not commited to company quotas with any manufacturer.