Swim Plugs


What is a Swim Plug?

A swim plug is a device that goes in the ear to keep water out and protect the inner ear. Swim plugs are commonly used in cases where water may be causing repeated ear infections.

What are they recommended for?


  • All post-operative conditions that require protecting the ear canal from water
  • Visits to the hairdresser, pool or beach
  • Showering

Custom Fit for Any Age

Today’s swim plugs are completely safe and airtight – perfect for your little guy or girl who loves the water. They are also soft and comfortable, completely hypoallergenic, and custom-fitted to your child’s ear canal. When used correctly, they completely seal out water.

You can also choose:

  • from a wide array of colours
  • to add a neck cord
  • to make them floatable

Swim plugs are watertight and customfitted to your ear canal. They are easy and convenient, allowing you to take part in the activities you love without worrying about damage to your ears.